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Cuba Plans to Host Americas Cup

Cuba plans to host the Americas Cup in May 2009, according to Jesus Molina, head of the National Athletics Federation.<br /> Read More

Federal judge bars Fla. law on Cuba travel bond

A Florida law that would make it more expensive for travel agents to book trips to Cuba is likely unconstitutional, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.<br /> Read More

Cuban Resort Readying for High Season

The Cuban tourist resort of Jardines del Rey, to the north of the central region of the country, is getting ready and preparing new services with a view to the beginning of the winter season. Read More

First Festival of Cuban Cinema Opens in Denmark

The first Festival of Cuban Cinema was inaugurated on Thursday in Denmark in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution and the Cuban Institute of the Cinematographic Industry and Art (ICAIC). Read More

British Royal Navy Tanker on Stopover at Havana Bay

British Royal Navy’s Tanker Wave Ruler anchored in Havana’s harbour for an authorized stopover on its route back to the U.K. Read More

Cuba’s Caramelo Son women’s musical group will begin a tour of Angola

Cuba’s Caramelo Son women’s musical group will begin a tour of Angola on Saturday, which includes presentations in the provinces of Moxico, Benguela, Huambo and Luanda, the nation’s capital. Read More

Argentinean Journalists Presented Cuban Award

<br /> Argentine journalists Jose Coco Lopez and Carlos Aznares were granted the Felix Elmuza award in a ceremony held at the Cuban embassy in Argentina.<br /> Read More

In Habana: Important donation to the Casa de las Américas library

Since last September 25th, about eighty new titles are part of the Library of the Casa de las Américas (iamge), when a representation of the Ambassadors of the Latin American and Caribbean countries in Cuba – grouped under the abbreviation GRULAC – donated volumes to the Cuban institution. Read More

Cuba Honors Paul Newman

The humanitarian tradition and social commitment of legendary US actor Paul <br /> Newman, dead at age 83, was stressed by the Cuban press.<br /> Read More