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Cuba Honors Paul Newman
Granma daily described him as a man always committed to the fight for civil rights in the United States and recalled that ex-President Richard Nixon included Newman on a list of notorious enemies of his administration.

The digital edition of Juventud Rebelde journal described Newman as a star switched off by lung cancer, while Radio Rebelde broadcasting stressed his humanitarian and pacifist work promoting world disarmament.

Nine-time nominated and two-time Academy Award winner Paul Newman died in his residence where he had requested to spend his last moments.

Newman, who also received the Jean Herscholt humanitarian award, was established as a Hollywood star by two masterly interpretations in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958) and the 1966 film noir blockbuster, Harper, directed by Jack Smight.

In 1985, Newman was granted the Oscar Honorary Award but he continued his acting career for a few more years.

After his son died in 1978 of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs and alcohol, Newman created the Scott Newman Center to help and protect drug abuse victims.

He also founded the Newman´s Own food company, with the proceeds going to charity, and an organization to help children terminally ill.


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