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December 28th

Permanent Commissions of Cuban Parliament Conclude Meetings

The ten permanent commissions of the Cuban National Assembly (Parliament) conclude. Read More

30th Anniversary of Antonio Maceo Brigade Celebrated

Composed of Cuban emigrants in the United States, the brigade celebrated the 30th anniversary of its first trip to Cuba, an action that brought about a series of events aimed at normalizing relations between the Cuban government and its emigrants. Read More

Cuba: 2 Migrants Die in Boat Capsize

A note from Cuba's Interior Ministry, read on state television, was the government's first official confirmation of the Dec. 22 accident off the northern coast of Havana province. Read More

A new edition of A Hundred Years of Solitude in Cuba

A new edition of A Hundred Years of Solitude, by Gabriel García Márquez, was presented here last December 26th as a tribute to the 80 years of an indispensable writer in the history of Spanish speaking literature. Read More

Cuban National Ballet to present a Gala for the 49th anniversary of the Revolution

The Cuban National Ballet will offer next January First the Gala for the 49th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution, in the García Lorca salon, at five in the afternoon. Read More

Camagüey takes actions favouring the protection of turtles

The Ministry of Fishery in Cuba (MIP) promotes actions among the people living in the coastal areas toward the preservation of the turtle, an endangered marine specie. Read More

Maravilla de Florida officially launches a new CD

Recorded at the EGREM studios and produced by its former musician Manolito Simonet, "Luchando con fe" is a CD containing 10 tracks, where authentic Cuban genres and styles prevail. Read More

December 27th

Cuba Takes on Drugs, Corruption

Attorney General Juan Escalona and the Supreme Court Chief Justice Ruben Remigio Ferro gave reports of the legal actions in this regard to the National Assembly's Constitutional and Judicial Affairs Committee. Read More

Cuba Produces Equivalent to Four Million Tons of Oil in 2007

In 2007, he added, new seismic studies were conducted and 32 new wells were drilled, which was facilitated by the purchase of 10 drilling machines. Read More