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Cuban teaching method sweeps out illiteracy in Managua
Though official certification must be bestowed by UNESCO, a census carried out by university students showed that only 3 percent of that city's population does not know how to read or write " which easily meets United Nations' standards.

In a public ceremony, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega will open a national literacy campaign on Wednesday aiming to eradicate this scourge that could affect 35 percent of Nicaraguans by 2009.

The literacy campaign includes autochthonous inhabitants from the Caribbean Coast with which learners will be taught to read and write in their mother languages. It will also be extended to jails and hospitals across the country.

"Yes, I can" was firstly implemented in 2005 in several districts ruled by the Sandinistas. After taking power this past November, President Ortega founded the National Literacy Council and supported the implementation of the Cuban teaching method.

According to organizers of the national literacy campaign, more than 700,000 Nicaraguans are expected to learn to read and write between 2008 and 2009.

Source: ACN

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