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Chants of Tobacco Growers
Songs chanted by Cuban tobacco growers while working the land were presented by the musicologist and "Fernando Ortiz" Foundation vice president, Maria Teresa Linares.

The local expert spoke at the II International Symposium of Tobacco: Nature, Culture and Identity this week in the Domingo del Monte Salon in the hotel Ambos Mundos in Old Havana.

The symposium gathers 170 experts from eight countries (Canada, Italy, the United States, Colombia, Japan, Spain, Argentina and the host country). Some collectors who could not attend sent pieces.

In addition to the debates there are exhibitions of photographs, cigar bands and crafts related to the product as well as a broad range of subjects that go from production, songs, related arts, history and other themes of interest.

Linares spoke of her studies in the Cuban central region on the songs of the tobacco growers from the 17th century to date that reflect the hard work in the countryside, religious topics and others.

Source: Prensa Latina

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