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Robert Kennedy wanted Fidel Castro dead
Former US Attorney General Robert Kennedy, brother of murdered President John F. Kennedy, personally headed a ploy to assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro, a memorandum by the White House reveals Saturday.

The document, disclosed by the George Washington University s National Security Archive, refers to a conversation between former President Gerard Ford and his Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, on January 4, 1975.

In the talk, Kissinger told Ford that once CIA director Richard Helms confirmed Robert Kennedy led an assassination plan against the Cuban leader.

"Robert Kennedy personally managed the operation on the assassination of Castro," Kissinger told Ford.

The archives corroborate arbitrary actions of domestic surveillance, kidnappings, assassination plots against foreign leaders, and chemical trials with humans, among other shocking disclosures.

Current CIA director Michael Hayden stated on Thursday that all of declassified documents will be made known next week, though some information was already divulged by the National Security Archive s web page.

The intelligence reports, with the allegoric name "The Family Jewels," also provide details on infiltration of leftist groups in Latin America and other world regions in the 1960s.

Furthermore, it will be disclosed how the CIA organized its espionage in China, Cuba, and the former Soviet Union, and its constant supervision of several US journalists, according to the sources.

Source: Prensa Latina

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