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  • 06 / 24 / 2007

Jean Lamore's biography of Martí, first piece written by a Frenchman about Cubas Hero

In France there are numerous studies made on Cubas National Hero José Martí some of them penned by professors Nôel Salomón, Paul Estrade and Jean Lamore.

The latter, a recognized Professor teaching at the University of Burdeos, has just published the first biography of Martí in close collaboration with the islands Centro de Estudios Martianos.

Its a 300-page volume produced by the House Ellipsis featuring plenty of photos, chronological data and documents of interest detailing Martí life and work I relation to the time in which he lived.

By December of the present year, the same House will release a Spanish edition in Michoacán, Mexico, where a fraternal research work between academics of both countries was proposed.

A great effort that can be and should be used, as the French intellectual pointed out, to boost the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) and the Centro de Estudios Martianos that so many titles have published. In this sense, he enhanced the Maestro Cintio Vitier's valuable work of Martí.

Nöel Salomón in connection with his Cuban and French counterparts carried out colloquiums on other Lati American big names like Rubén Darío as much as the studies developed by researcher Paul Estrada particularly on the women in the clubs of Cubas Revolutionary Party.

As for Jean Lamore, they talked basically on the work of Martí developed in Mexico and Guatemala.

The biography - the first piece written by a Frenchman about Cubas Hero - contributes to consolidate the knowledge of Martis thought and its impact over the Old Europe and the Western academic circles.

Source: By Ignacio M. Doubrechatt, CubaSi

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