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  • 06 / 01 / 2007

Womens voluntary military service

Both the above patriots rebellious spirit and Martís words when he said that «the pedestal of our freedom may be in the Andes, but its heart is in our women» were present in statements about the need to get ready to defend ourselves as the best way to guarantee peace.

Anayansi Páez Reyes, president of the pioneer students organization in Viñales, told about her impressions when she met with members of the all-woman platoons Las Marianas and Las Celias and shared her own expectations about her soon-to-come departure to do Military Service as of June 15.

She is by no means the first young leader in this province to set an example by fulfilling such an essential duty. As agreed in the Assembly they will all take steps through the local FEEM [High School Students Federation] to make their experiences known later on in pre-university schools.

UJC National Bureau member Hilder Torres remarked that the issue was covered by the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the UJC National Committee attended by Army General Raúl Castro, Second Secretary of the Party and Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces. It was made clear that the presence of women in the ranks will be the result of the work done by the UJC and their conscious willingness, accustomed though they are to take care of other jobs.

Torres Escalona underscored the discipline and preparedness shown by the 25 UJC leaders who have joined the Womens Voluntary Military Service and proved their skills to fulfill the missions assigned to them.

«Defending our Homeland is the most important of the Revolutions programs», some participants acknowledged, saying the issue must be jointly approached by the Pioneer Students and organizations such as FEEM, FEU (Federation of University Students) and the UJC.

The continuity of the Revolutions achievements as well as the efforts to strengthen patriotic values also depend on how Cuban history is taught in order to distinguish yesterdays Cuba from todays.

Jesús Reyes, a leader of the UJC cell at the Fructuoso Rodríguez Credit and Services Cooperative, from Puerto Esperanza, stressed that some of their members have joined one of the Watching the Sea brigades, where they have faced a number of illegal acts in their area.

As a young persons foremost duty, defending the country is not only about reporting for duty once a month, they said, but a daily attitude that begins in the workplace and continues in the community.

Yosvany Álvarez Sisto, who was confirmed as the UJC First Secretary in Viñales, pointed out that its not enough for the UJC cell to know the names in the register kept by a military committee: it must be aware of those young peoples performance in whatever missions they receive from the committee.

Profound analyses were also made of the links between this topic and a persons values, unconditionality and patriotism, and the participants recalled that it was in Viñales where the rural militia known as Los Malagones wrote a beautiful page of our history.

[1] A fighter in the independence war against Spain. (T.N.).

Source: Juventud Rebelde

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