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Brazil, Cuba register record trade volume in 2006

Trade between Brazil and Cuba amounted to a record high of 374.85 million U.S. dollars in 2006, the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade said on Wednesday. Read More

Better ecosystem in Caguanes National Park

Caguanes National Park (PNC), one of Cubas most important marhlands, is back to normality. Endemic and migratory aquatic birds which had almost disappeared from Buenavista bay, in the north district of Yaguajay, can be seen again flying over the lagoons and catching fishes. Read More

Cuba: alternative fuel in Sancti Spiritus cement factory

The Siguaney cement factory in the Cuban central province of Sancti Spiritus will soon begin to substitute fuels by industrial wastes, thus applying the so called co-processing method used worldwide. Read More

Washington forbids US softball official to travel to Cuba

US chairman of the International Softball Federation Dan Porter can not travel to Cuba because Washington has denied him permission, based on the American policy blocking academic, cultural, sports and people-to-people exchange with the island. Read More

Biosphere reserve in eastern Cuba

Cuba, which has a privileged location in the Caribbean region, also offers unique natural attractions to both national and foreign tourists. Experts noted the existence of six Biosphere Reserves in the country, including two that were declared Humankind's Heritage. One of them is Cuchillas del Toa, in eastern Cuba. Read More

Erotic art by Aldo Soler

Aldo Soler, from Cuba, has developed a style of appreciation and expression that has turned him into one of the most popular artists in his field. His recent exhibition, which can be seen at the Finca del Arte, is his third appearance at the gallery. Read More

Cuba-Venezuela: Making biofuels without wasting food

The governments of Cuba and Venezuela are planning to move forward together on biofuels production, but they will rely on producing alcohol from sugarcane, in order to spare food crops. Read More

Medical school in Cuba for young people from Solomon Islands

Cuban medical brigade to provide services in that Southern Pacific archipelago Read More