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Cuba commemorates student leader death

Young Cubans will commemorate this week the 50th Anniversary of the death off student leader Jose Antonio Echeverria and others after an action against the dictator Fulgencio Batista (1953-1959). Read More

Uruguay, Cuba plan teaches to read

A literacy campaign for adults based on the Cuban program "YO SI PUEDO" will start in Uruguay on Monday with attention to a total of 280 people, it was known here Sunday. One of the organizers, Yamandu Ferraz, said the plan is coordinated by the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES) and the National Administration of Public Teaching. Read More

Three Chinese-Cuban Revolutionaries Still Lead Cuba

All serious readers, whether scholarly or general interest, place a special value on first hand accounts of historical events. Memoirs, autobiographies, interviews of "regular people" who find themselves immersed in historic times bring that history to life as no author can. This is why the new book "Our History Is Still Being Written" has such an important role to play in modern Chinese history. Read More

600 Medical Graduate to leave for Cuba for post graduate training

The Cuban Government has raised the number of scholarships offered to Pakistans medical graduates from 400 to 600 this year. Read More