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Singing in Havana

Participants to the 5th edition of the International Choir Festival América Cantat, will have the opportunity of enjoying since March 30th until April 7th of a wonderful professional, cultural, and social exchange. Read More

Cuban health therapists flourish

Cuba currently has over 12,000 integral therapists in the health sector, chiefly trained in new health programs of the Revolution. Read More

Fidel Castro slams food for fuel

Cuban President Fidel Castro criticized "the sinister idea of turning food into fuel," which was definitively established as an economic line of the US foreign policy. Read More

Spain foreign Minister to Cuba

Spain s Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos is expected to start a visit to Cuba on April 1, invited by his Cuban counterpart Felipe Perez Roque, Granma newspaper reports on Thursday. Read More

In the World Series of weird baseball names, Cuba is a real contender

Major League Baseball gave us Van Lingle Mungo, Mickey Klutts, Urban Shocker and Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish. Many a big leaguer has been known as much for his screwball name as his prowess on the diamond. Read More

Full employment attained in Sancti Spíritus

Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus reports an unemployment rate of 0,9%, the lowest in the history of this territory only preceded by Las Tunas province's rate. Youth and women are assigned a priority for employment and education in this central territory, and at present moment, every person able to work is already employed. Read More

Tropical peaches grow well in Cuba

To widen its variety of tropical fruits, Cuba is now experimenting to grow peaches. Small parcels (2.47 acres) have been planted from western Pinar del Rio province to Granma in the eastern part of the island in order to collect enough seeds for nurseries. Plantations have already flowered throughout the country. Read More

Coahuila cultural week to be celebrated in Cuba

Historical links between Cuba and Mexico will be strengthened with the celebration of a cultural week on the culture of the Mexican northern state of Coahuila, from April 21 to 28. Read More

Cuba, China pledge to build on growing trade

Chinese Deputy Trade Minister Wei JianGuo and Cuban Government Minister Ricardo Cabrisas said in Havana that they had set up a commission to work on joint investments in various sectors. Read More

Cuba says U.S. rules limiting food trade

Cuba signed up to import more U.S. food products this week but said payment procedures introduced by the Bush administration in 2005 were hindering trade and forcing it to make deals with other countries. Cuba has been importing food like rice and chicken from the United States since 2000, when cash-only food sales were permitted as a exception to the U.S. trade embargo, turning Cuba's ideological foe into its top foreign supplier. Read More