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Erotic art by Aldo Soler

Aldo Soler, from Cuba, has developed a style of appreciation and expression that has turned him into one of the most popular artists in his field. His recent exhibition, which can be seen at the Finca del Arte, is his third appearance at the gallery. Read More

Cuba-Venezuela: Making biofuels without wasting food

The governments of Cuba and Venezuela are planning to move forward together on biofuels production, but they will rely on producing alcohol from sugarcane, in order to spare food crops. Read More

Medical school in Cuba for young people from Solomon Islands

Cuban medical brigade to provide services in that Southern Pacific archipelago Read More

Carilda's ode to Fidel turns 50

Cuban poet Carilda Oliver, celebrated in her hometown, tMatanzas, the 50th anniversary of her "Ode to Fidel". Read More

National Workshop of Young Peoples Videoclubs in session

The certainty that the Young Peoples Videoclubs can help to promote the quality of cultural work in Cuba was a theme among those attending the 5th National Workshop of Youth Videoclubs yesterday in Havana Read More

New courses starts in Cuban Community Computer Centers

Every year, more than 200,000 people graduate from the courses taught in the Community Computers Centers across Cuba, said Mayda Brito de Toste, director of this program in the province of Havana. Read More