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When Sting arrives back home from his trip to Cuba, he will have some passionate new Latin moves under his belt, thanks to some expert tuition in Havana. The yoga aficionado has been swatting up on his dancing since arriving in the Cuban capital on Wednesday.

Looking hip in dark jeans and grey t-shirt accessorised with an ethnic necklace, the 56-year-old former Police singer happily signed autographs for some eagle-eyed fans as he left the National Ballet school. He hadn't been working on his pirouettes, however, but salsa. He has also been getting into the country's rhythm by learning the intricacies of Afro-Cuban dances with the help of a teacher from the National Folkoric Ensemble.

Havana is known as a destination for dance enthusiasts, with visitors taking lessons and then putting their new skills to the test in the capital's many colourful bars and clubs. Those who prefer propping up the bar to doing the rumba, however, should head to the Bodegita - Ernest Hemingway's favourite place to sip mojitos.

Sting has also been taking in the city's other delights, enjoying a tour of the Spanish colonial architecture in the historic Old Town where he captured the sights on camera.


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