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  • 01 / 20 / 2007

Labor lawyers
An international gathering in defense of labor rights and social security in light of neoliberal policies will meet in Havana March 12 and 13.

Convoked by the Association of American Lawyers and Labor Lawyers, it is sponsored by the US National Lawyers Guild and the Union of Cuban Lawyers.

Important themes for world labor and the mobilization of organizations, institutions and organisms to examine the role of the state and its responsibility in the protection of economic, social and cultural rights of workers will be debated.

This meeting is necessary to exchange experiences about the effects of the neoliberal policies of privatization, informal work and social exclusion, the organizers explained.

Other topics to be analyzed include the integration process, immigrant workers, discrimination and violence against the people's aspirations, as well as the role of unions in defense and the interventionism through which the Bush government plans to transform Cuba's legislation.

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