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Operación Milagro
The US ophthalmologist and professor of Illinois University James Phillips highlighted the innovative value of the Venezuelan health system that allow poor people to have medical treatment.

Phillips came to Venezuela with Patty Nealon, the first US woman operated for cataracts free in the South American country, as part of the joint program called Mission Milagro implemented between Venezuela and Cuba.

"The entire world should admire Venezuela for its health system, you can count on me for implementing this kind humanitarian mission wherever is necessary", said the specialist who had attended several humanitarian missions in Africa and Haiti.

According to a report of the Venezuelan consulate in Chicago Nealon s operation was successful and the woman went back to her job as bus driver.

The ophthalmologic health program called Operacion Milagro was established between Cuba and Venezuela to give attention to poor people from the Third World late in 2006 and after two years functioning almost half a million persons have been benefited with this program.

Patients from 28 countries have been freely operated in Cuba and Venezuela. There are 13 ophthalmologic centers functioning in Venezuela with 28 operating rooms.

Other health facilities of this type are been constructed in Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras and Bolivia with Cuban advice.

Source: Prensa Latina

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