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Emergency contraceptive project in Holguín

The drug, which is used to prevent unwanted pregnancies, is one of the most effective products of its kind in the world. Read More

Iberoamerican Congress on Critical thinking

Eduardo Torres Cuevas, director of the José Martí National Library referred to the significance of reconsidering the history of Latin America and the Iberoamerican region to locate thinkers from the region in the position they deserve. Read More

Ruben Rodríguez, Holguin's writer, wins National Award

Entitled, Peligrosos prados verdes con vaquitas blancas y negras, the book reflects the life of Leidi Jamilton, a character who previously appeared in the book Maravilloso viaje del mundo alrededor de Leidi Jamilton, by the same author. Read More

Holguin to Celebrate Ibero American Culture Festival

More than 100 guests from eight nations confirmed their presence at the fifteenth Celebration of the Ibero American Culture Festival. Read More

Holguin Lab increases Trofin Vital production

Trofin Vital, with a high iron content in a medium consisting of honey, protein and amino acids-of high biological value- has rapid and prolonged effects, especially on patients who suffer from anaemia, including those who can take therapeutic oral iron salts. Read More

LOS TAINOS orchestra in style

Los Tainos Orchestra released its fourth CD 'Me mantengo' produced by the discographic house Colibrí headed by Gloria Ochoa. Read More

Cuban governmental commission checks rain-affected regions

The mission, led by Jose Ramon Machado Ventura and Esteban Lazo Hernandez, members of the Political Bureau of the Cuban Communist Party's Central Committee, toured six provincial territories Read More

Pre-Election test postpone in eastern Cuba

National Electoral Commission President María Esther Reus explained that the pre-election test is expected to review coordination among elements in the process, ensuring the usual transparency and democratic spirit of elections in Cuban society. Read More

Salto Fino: the largest Insular Caribbean waterfall

The stream of water falling from 305 m high is called Salto Fino, just as the surrounding region, runs to the Arroyo del Infierno, a tributary flowing into a mainstream Quibiján formed by almost 70 smaller rivers to become the largest in the island. Read More

English boy grateful to cuban doctors

Three years ago, the child came to this eastern province to spend his vacations and upon arrival at the airport he had a serious neurological problem that jeopardized his life. The accurate performance of local authorities and especially the neurosurgeon and IC unit doctors and personnel of the "Octavio de la Concepcion y la Pedraja" children hospital allowed for the salvage of this child's life. Read More

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