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Photo Exhibition on Fidel Castro Opens in Holguin.

The photo exhibition "¡Yo tambien los quiero a ustedes! (I Love you too) on the presence of Fidel Castro in Holguin was opened this week in the Provincial Center of Fine Arts of this eastern province. Read More

Cuba Eolian Park Ready

Cuba wound up the mechanic setting up of six generators in the eolian park of Gibara, with 5.1 megawatts, the one with larger capacity in the country. Read More

Carlos Lage tours damaged areas to check on recovery work

During his tour Lage talked with members of the engineering brigades from the Central and Eastern Armies of the Revolutionary Armed Forces who are undertaking the repair work Read More

Homeopathy Against Epidemic Hazard

A homeopathic product to prevent an outbreak of Leptopirosis and Hepatitis Type A, is administered for the first time at large scale in Cuba. The product had been tested on smaller populations with high effectiveness. Read More

New Facility in Holguin Commemorates Medicine Day

A new ophthalmological center was inaugurated yesterday at Holguin Clinic Surgical Hospital to commemorate the Day of the Latin American Medicine. That day honors the ourstanding research carried out by Cuban Dr Carlos Juan Finlay on a vacine and treatment against the yellow fever. Read More

Holguin to become a signifant electricity producing area

Holguin, a Cuban province nearly 450 miles east of Havana, will soon become a significant power-generating area in the island, as the ongoing investment process is completed; resulting in 544.3 megawatt delivered to the national system by next year. Read More

National Monument Bariay Park

The National Monument Park Bariay is located in the province of Holguín, in the east of Cuba, on the north coast, approximately 37 km away from the city. It limits to the North with the Atlantic Ocean, to the South with the municipality Rafael Freyre, to the East with the Bariay Bay and to the West with the Jururú Bay. Read More

Tribute to famous composer César Portillo de la Luz

A guitar player and composer, Portillo de la Luz is one of the most important representatives of the Cuban Bolero and his work started in the fillin movement together with important figures such as José Antonio Méndez, Ñico Rojas, Rosendo Ruiz (son), Aida Diestro and Elena Burke. Read More

Holguin to Host International Tourism Convention

The meeting aims to promote Cuba as a tourist destination, especially Bariay, on the north coast of Cuba where Christopher Colombus landed on October 27, 1492. Read More

Massive evacuation in eastern Cuba due to severe flooding

The evacuation, the largest ever in the region, included moving people from 50 neighborhoods, some currently found under water and others in danger of flooding. A total of 24,000 people were protected including those evacuated during the past weekend due to Tropical Storm Noel. Read More

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