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Holguin to Celebrate Ibero American Culture Festival
The Celebration of the 15th edition of the Ibero American Culture Festival, with an intense entertainment agenda, will begin in the northeast Cuban province of Holguin on October 24, organizers announced last week.

The first day of this celebration will be dedicated to recreate the cultural roots of the Ibero American world, born with the arrival of Christopher Columbus at a point of Holguin coast on October 28, 1492.

Besides the inaugural ceremony, the opening of the Ibero American Colloquy of Letters and an encounter of archaeology will take place during that day.

La Fiesta de los Tambores (Celebration of the Drums) will take place on October 25, instruments inherited from native, Spanish and African cultures, together to the inauguration of the fourth Latin American Congress of Thought and of the regional hall of fine arts.

Among the actions programmed for October 26, a day dedicated to the guitar, the beginning of a farmer celebration, concerts of classic instrumentalists and trovadours, as well as one night of serenades and flamenco will take place.

Solidarity will be the sign that marks Saturday 27 activities, when new projects of joint work and to establish brotherhoods among institutions, peoples and cities are planned to happen.

On October 28, La Fiesta de los Pueblos Nuevos (Celebration of the New Peoples) will take place, and after a tour around Bariay Cay, the Columbus landing 515 years ago will be recreated there.

In order to close the program, the Ibero American festival will then go to the coastal city of Gibara.

More than 100 guests from eight nations confirmed their presence at the fifteenth Celebration of the Ibero American Culture Festival.

Source: Cubarte

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