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UNICEF collaboration corroborated in Holguin

Kastverg, accompanied by national UNICEF officials and provincial Government executives, appraised several projects of the 27 currently held, starting 2005, in areas such as health, education, sports, and culture; accounting for almost half a million dollars. Read More

Popular Puerto Rican Salsa Singer to attend Festival in Cuba

Popular Puerto Rican salsa singer Andy Montañez will be one of the personalities invited to the 15th Ibero American Culture Festival to take place from October 24 to 28 in the Cuban eastern province of Holguin. Read More

Ibero-American Conference on Critical Thinking to be held in Holguin

Scholars and experts from Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico, United States and Cuba have confirmed their participation at the event which will debate some137 research papers in 4 different forums. Read More

UNICEF praises results of Cuba Programs

The official, who visited the eastern province of Holguin on Thursday, especially lauded the low infant mortality rate in the territory (3.8 per every one thousand live births). Read More

Holguín promotes videoendoscopic surgery

The experts noted that they have performed complex surgeries using that technique, including nine laparoscopic hysterectomies and three video laparoscopic esophagectomies. Read More

Hoping to escape alcohol addiction, canadian man heads to Cuba for treatment

Seeking to escape a long-time addiction to alcohol that is tearing him and his family apart, a Canadian man will arrive in Cuba late Sunday (Sept. 30) to participate in a renowned treatment program. Arranged by Choice Medical Services, a leading medical tourism firm, his treatment will be at the Villa El Cocal/El Quinqué oceanside rehab center in eastern Cuba, where he will stay for the three-month long program designed to make him better again. Read More

Cuba-Vietnam rice project advances

The Cuban-Vietnamese project began in 2002 and is now in its second stage with an expansion to the five eastern provinces and Camaguey Read More

Half a century drought is over in Holguín

By mid 2006, conditions started to change favorably and the situation has shifted dramatically having 14 of 18 existing dams over full capacity by the end of the spring season. Read More

Cuban Madonna, a chalcography work

"Oshun and the Virgin of la Caridad are one", so states the painter, and he has chosen to present her with his impeccable imagery gift; surrounded by children, fruits, fish; at a park, with a family and in very diverse ways within his contemporary discourse without disregarding the syncretic moral values. Read More

Holguin ends cycle on winners of Nobel Prize of Literature

The cycle on Nobel Prize of Literature winners came as part of the summer season program aimed at fostering reading as a sound recreation form. Read More

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