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Heavy rains for the Central and eastern part of Cuba

At 6:00 local time Thursday, the storm was located at 23.9 degrees latitude North and 78.5 latitude West, around 102 miles southeast of Nassau, in northern Bahamas. Read More

Storm Noel intensifies, tracks Cuba's northeast coast

Noel was located ``very near'' the town of Gibara on Cuba's northern coast, and moving west at 19 kph, with a turn to the northwest forecast for later today. Read More

Cuba tests new medications

One of those actions is the controlled administration of skin growth factor contained in HEBERPROT-P in angiology and vascular surgery. Read More

Encounter with the roots. About the documentary on son creator Adalberto Alvarez

The greatness of Lourdes de los Santos documentary Son para un sonero lies in that to extol the life and deeds of Master Adalberto Álvarez represents calling on the wholesome rain that makes the flowers that embellish the garden of our homeland to blossom in our Cuban souls. Read More

Camaguey's Higher Education celebrated 40th Anniversary

Opened on November, 1967 with 200 students, higher education in Camaguey has now more than 52,000 students in the six faculties operating there. Read More

Cuban governmental commission checks rain-affected regions

The mission, led by Jose Ramon Machado Ventura and Esteban Lazo Hernandez, members of the Political Bureau of the Cuban Communist Party's Central Committee, toured six provincial territories Read More

Water in Floridas dams guarantee conditions to face drought

Over the last years the reservoirs in the territory were subjected to a huge maintenance work not only to improve the conditions of their dikes, but also to repair their spillways, making possible that most of the dams could reach the category of "excellent hydraulic installations" in Florida. Read More

Pre-Election test postpone in eastern Cuba

National Electoral Commission President María Esther Reus explained that the pre-election test is expected to review coordination among elements in the process, ensuring the usual transparency and democratic spirit of elections in Cuban society. Read More

Camaguey puts new power generators in use

The generating capacity is capable of providing all the electricity required by the historical center of the city, the provincial hospital as well as the north strip, where the industrial installations that require large amounts of electric power are located. Read More

Cuba looks at allergies at the International Immunotherapy Congress on Allergology

Allergies are response to dust, chemical products, mites, hot, cold and animal hairs, among other elements. Read More

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