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Maravilla de Florida officially launches a new CD

Recorded at the EGREM studios and produced by its former musician Manolito Simonet, "Luchando con fe" is a CD containing 10 tracks, where authentic Cuban genres and styles prevail. Read More

Applied at Camagüey a Cuban-Vietnamese project related to the rice production.

A united project between both Cuban and Vietnamese governments, related to the rice production, works using sustainable methods and offers excellent results after two consecutive years of work at the province. Read More

Over 30 thousand higher education students attending classrooms in Camagüey

Over 30 thousand students are attending higher educations institutions this year in the province of Camaguey, eastern Cuba, as part of the countrys endeavours to train professional work force. Read More

Olorum at Camagüey

Olorum 3rd anniversary, a biennial party that brings together many different folkloric groups of Cuba and dancing groups of the province. Read More

Expectations upon the best children mortality rate of all times at Camagüey.

Recently children mortality rate has been steady at the province, while better results have been attained during 2006. Read More

Cuba: Economy in Camagüey reports good results in 2007

This is the fifth year in a row that the mercantile production in the Cuban province of Camagüey grows in a steady manner, at a rate of 500 million pesos per year, even when there are many productive reserves to exploit yet. Read More

Camagüey Folkloric Ballet (BFC): prophets in our own land

The company is ready to present Olorum from December 14th to 17th. Composed by 55 members: 42 artists, technical and administrative staffs respectively. Read More

Released in Camagüey City Managing Challenges Magazine

University of Camagüey (UC) has just released the first number of Managing Challenges Magazine, a scientific publication, the only of its kind among all Higher Education Centers in Cuba. Read More

Granted at Camagüey the National Literature Award "Luis Suardíaz"

From the jurys point of view, The essay which has an excellent structure, approach the literary course of Alejo Carpentier, and it introduces a merely studied topic which social and cultural perspectives will contribute with further studies upon this writer work. Read More

The Ballet of Camagüey performs today as part of its 40th anniversary

The Ballet of Camagüey will perform today as part of its 40th anniversary; those pieces presented on December 1st 1967 will be presented one more time. Read More

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