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Clay and Fire Party kicks off in Camagüey

Once again, the notoriety of this territory in the creation of pottery and ceramics is showed up in the Clay and Fire Party (Fiesta de Barro y Fuego)that started Wednesday at the Plaza de los Trabajadores, located in the historic quarter of Camaguey city. Read More

Haiti produce and livestock farm, red and green in southern Camagüey

Todays extra-dense banana plantations are strange to my eyes of countrywoman. The long rows of these giant herbs, solid and of an intense green, have no much to do with the fields that I used to see when I was young. But the truth is that this system is so highly productive, that guarantees the supply of this food to the Camagueyans. Read More

Cuba baseball playoffs begin today

Las Tunas and Camaguey won the last two playoff slots over the weekend and post season play gets under way for the surviving eight teams on Tuesday and Wednesday in the 2006-7 Cuban Baseball League. Read More

Reforestation in Camagüey

When the world loses thousands hectares of wood each day, the province of Camagüey, the largest in Cuba, increased its forest heritage by 1 400 hectares over the last year. A research recently published by the FAO reflects that each year 0,2 per cent of the worlds jungle surface disappears, which means 7,3 millions of hectares per year, or 20 thousand per day, twice the area of Paris. Read More

Cuba: Ecologists from Italy visit Camagüey

Areas of environmental interests will be visited in Camaguey by a group of Italian ecologists, who want to know about the actions implemented in this Cuban eastern province in favor of the environment. Read More

Cuba: fields of fruit trees increased in Camagüey

Fields of guava, papaya, pineapple and other fruit trees in the Cuban province of Camagüey ought to increase by 1 200 hectares from now and up to the next year. Read More

Camagüey: Radar made in Cuba proves efficiency

The movable radar M-1, developed by Cuban specialists, and intended to take control of the air traffic in Camagüey, has saved the country around half a million dollars after having worked efficiently for three years. During this time the quality of this device has been put to test, revealing the excellent job done by the civil and electrical engineers, the maintenance technicians and installers. Read More

Celebrations for the 493 anniversary of the city kick off in Camagüey

The Week of the Culture in occasion of the 493rd anniversary of Camagüey, one of the first European urban settlements in America began Thursday. The celebration evokes the birth of the then Spanish Villa de Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe, founded on February 2nd, 1514; and nowadays Cubas third largest city. Read More

A medical delegation from Wisconsin, US visits Camagüey

A delegation from the US city of Madison, Wisconsin made up by members of a medical project in solidarity with Cuba, visits Camagüey and exchange points of view with professionals of diverse hospital institutions. Read More

First meeting of Cubas oldest cities Radio Stations begins in Camagüey

The First Meeting of Cubas Oldest Cities Radio Stations will begin Saturday in Camagüey, as part of the schedule in occasion of the 493rd anniversary of the city and the third birthday of the local radio station. Read More

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