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In a document essay of the Center for Studies and Research of Defense in India, the investigator Rajendra M. Abhyankar says that Cuba can become the Singapore of the Caribbean, after the break the US government has offered with its new policy toward the island. 
"Cuba is weakened by the broad and lasting commercial, economic, financial and political embargo reinforced through six laws of the US Congress. It will be crucial to decide on a model for Cuba's economic future," he added.
Singapore, sitting at the door of China, presents an interesting model for Cuba, he says. "The Asian country combines the two imperatives to economically consolidate the big neighbor without completely fall under its spell ... The key is to build a process of economic reform that is recognized as irrevocable and self-sustainable, and design a policy of regulation. With its strategic location, halfway between the Caribbean and Latin America, Cuba can be, in turn, a bridge to the US and a center of financial and technological re-processing oriented to the US economy."


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