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Cuban singer Omara Portuondo presented her new CD in a German festival
Omara Portuondo talked with La Jornada about the 13 songs in her recent production that is the result of two years work.

“It has very romantic songs, such as Gracias, that is also the name of the record. It is a song Jorge Drexler (Author of Motorcycle diaries) made especially for me; the song has a special detail, since my 8 years old granddaughter can be hear in it.

“The record also includes a French song we adapted to Spanish and another one that is called Mi gran amor, dedicated to Engelhart Lutz. You can ask him if he has nothing against me making public my great love for him.”

In the market, next autumn.

Lutz is Omara´s representative for Germany , Switzerland and Austria and received the news that the song was dedicated to him honoured, grateful and a bit embarrassed.

Omara Portuondo offered a concert at the German festival, in which she premiered the record with which she is celebrating her 60 work anniversary; the record will be on stage next autumn.

“I was born to sing, when I was already small my parents forecasted it”, assured the singer. Regarding her relationship with Germany, she indicated that it did not started as the only lady in the Buena Vista Social Club, the documentary of the German director Wim Wenders, but from her several visits to the former Eastern Germany.

She expressed her admiration for this country, for the order and security, for their classical musicians, but above everything else, for the famous German sandals Birkenstock, she always uses in her concerts.

Omara was accompanied by her musicians and her German guests and made the over 500 assistants to the concert to dance cha cha cha, son and rumba. With a fine elegance she invited them to stand up form their seats, insisted whenever she saw a timid answer and started to raise voice when everybody was standing.

This month in Veracruz.

The singer discovered a group of Latinas in the public – Angela, Bety and Monica - and she sang Tres palabras, a song written by Osvaldo Ferrés. She followed with songs written by Cuban composers: Proposiciones from Pablo Milanés and Rabo de nube from Silvio Rodríguez. She also remembered the Mexican Oscar Chávez. German public went crazy, when Omara sang Guantanamera.

Omara Portuondo disclosed that her next concert will be this June in Veracruz . “What can I say about Mexico, I´m home there and I accept any invitation I receive from the beautiful country. I will be in Agustin Lara´s homeland.”

Before travelling to Mexico, Omara Portuondo continued her European tour in Barcelona and London .

(La Jornada)

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