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June 6 47th anniversary of Cubans Ministry of Interior
To defend the Revolution and the people they emerged from, is the main goal of these combatants, that’s why a big number of them were promoted, while some others were awarded the Medal of Distinguished Service.

We have seen these combatants for over 40 years, facing counterrevolutionary elements, CIA agents, in the surveillance of our costs, in the struggle against sabotage, corruption and illegalities.

They have accomplished their duty prior to any individual interest; the defense of the people has become their reason to exist.
Loyal to their principles, today their work turns more difficult, and requires a constant and high cultural, political and ideological training of their officials and members, as well as a systematic cooperation with organizations, entities and institutions that support the work of the Ministry of Interior.

During the homage, children and members of the military institution marched on behalf of the Firefighters, the National Police Department, TRASVAL, and the rest of the departments.

Together with the combatants, the event was presided over by Olga Lidia Tapia Iglesias, first secretary of the Party in the province; Ernesto Barreto, president of the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power; José Antonio Sáez, head of the MININT, and other political and grass-root organizations leaders.


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