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Cubas New Citrus Refrigeration with a Capacity of Storing More than a Half Million Tons of Fruit for Export
The facility, located at the Port of Matanzas not far from the Varadero resort, will allow the Victoria de Giron Citrus Co. to store fresh fruit and frozen juice concentrate for export from the Jaguey Grande and Combinado Heroes de Giron citrus farms.

The cold storage is large enough to also take in the production of several other farm operations in Cienfuegos, said Roger Delgago, the manager. He said that one of the main economic advantages besides increased capacity is that the plant will reduce transport time from Cuba to Europe (the main market) by some three days, lowering costs of shipments that to date leave from the southern port of Cienfuegos.

The investment to build the complex is well over US $4 million and should pay for itself in four years, a date which could be sooner if the citrus company is able to return to its more productive times.

Currently the citrus from the province of Matanzas is exported via Cienfuegos where the refrigeration facilities are located, inferior in storage capacity and which must compete with other fruits at peak moments of production.

Cuba will save over US $1.3 million in sea transport alone once the new complex is in operation,


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