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Florida municipality consolidates food production in former sugar cane fields

The programs intended to boost the food productions, in terrains that were occupied by sugar cane plantations in the past is today a priority that begins to give fruits at the Ignacio Agramonte Sugar Cane Company, in the municipality of Florida, western Camagüey. Read More

Cuba's energy conservation program helps reduce fires

The massive distribution of domestic electric appliances, which is part of the energy revolution that Cuba has been undertaking over the past few years, has contributed to the reduction of fires by 63 percent in the eastern Cuban province of Las Tunas. Read More

Cuba's Entrevoces Choir Awarded in France

The Cuban choir Entrevoces, directed by Digna Guerra, won second prize at the 2007 Florilege International Choral Competition, which recently concluded in the city of Tours, France. Read More

Sign Language Interpreters Serving in Santiago de Cuba Schools

In Cuba, people who are deaf can study at all educational levels thanks to the effort of the government to guarantee "free of charge" sign language interpreters in all schools, from the elementary level to the university. Read More

Cuban Drug against Diabetic Foot Ulcer Available

The new drug HEBERPROT-P, created by Cuban scientists, now has an international patent and is available for people who suffer from complex diabetic foot ulcers, including neuropathic or neuroischemic patients Read More

Cuba counts 89,000 nursing professionals

Five hundred delegates from Cuba and other 16 countries are taking part in the 17th Congress of the Cuban Society of Nursing and the first Cuban Symposium of Palliative Care will session from Monday May 28 to Friday June 1, 2007 at the Havana Convention Center Read More

Frida and Diego: life after death

A homage to Frida and Diego; Voices From the Land, will begin July 6, scheduled to coincide with the centennial of the famed Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, announced the organizers in a news conference at Casa de las Américas. Read More

Cuba fulfills Montreal Protocol Commitments

Cuba is fulfilling its compromises with the Protocol of Montreal in the reduction of substances tearing the ozone layer, assured expert Nestor Espinosa, Director of the Ozone Technical Office (OTOZ) in this capital Wednesday. Read More

Hospice care at Cuba nursing event

Hospice care was high on the agenda for 800 delegates from 20 countries attending the International Congress on Nursing in this capital Thursday. Read More

China, Cuba for olympic cooperation

China and Cuba expressed Thursday their willingness to strengthen sports collaboration for the forthcoming Olympic Games to be run in this capital next year. Read More