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Ozone layer
Cuba is fulfilling its compromises with the Protocol of Montreal in the reduction of substances tearing the ozone layer, assured expert Nestor Espinosa, Director of the Ozone Technical Office (OTOZ) in this capital Wednesday.

Cuba reduced consumption of chloride fluorine carbons (CFC) in 50 percent, methyl bromide in 20 percent, methyl chloroform in 30 percent, carbon tetrachloride in 85 percent and halocarbons in 85 percent.

The project for progressive and accelerated CFC elimination until 2009 covers plans such as elimination of Freon 11 and 12, and the reconversion of a plant for salbutamol inhaling bottles without CFC, among other projects in hospitals, scientific centers and public buildings.

Cuba could cut the use of CFC from 8,626 tons in 1989, and also from other substances affecting the ozone layer, such as methyl bromide, he pointed out.

Cuba ratified the Protocol of Montreal in 1992 and the Amendment of London and Copenhagen in 1998.

Espinosa stated Cuba ratified the Amendments of Montreal and Beijing in 2005, and also signed the Agreement of Vienna, fulfilling all of them completely and effectively.

He added that in the next days, there will be a meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, to analyze he topics on the exhaustion of the ozone layer.

Source: Prensa Latina

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