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Sign language interpreter

In Cuba, people who are deaf can study at all educational levels thanks to the effort of the government to guarantee "free of charge" sign language interpreters in all schools, from the elementary level to the university.

Santiago de Cuba, the province with the second largest population in the country, has 55 sign language interpreters who assist deaf students at all educational levels, and thereby improving educational diversity.

The participation of these interpreters in the general education program contributes to the academic, communicative and educational levels of schools while also increasing the interest of deaf students in continuing their studies " up to and including the university level.

Because of the excellent work of the interpreters, the number of deaf students pursuing higher education has increased. Nonetheless, the duties of the interpreters also include supporting the educational work of the school, training personnel and other instruction-related tasks.
Source: By Yuzdanis Vicet Gómez, Sierra Maestra

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