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Cuba shelves turtle trade proposal, trashing Japan's 875 million yen effort

Cuba will put off a proposal to resume trade in sea turtles at an international meeting in June, meaning the 875 million yen the Japanese government has spent trying to restart the business has been wasted, a conservation group said Wednesday. Read More

House bill eases travel to Cuba

Citing the heartbreak of divided families, House members introduced a bill on Wednesday that would allow Cuban-Americans to visit their relatives in Cuba as often as they wish and take as much money as they want. Read More

Frei Betto at Pedagogy 2007 in Havana

"It would be better to study the history of cooperation between nations instead of the great battles in which one county defeated another," said Frei Betto, Brazilian author and liberation theologian, at Pedagogy 2007 in Havana on Wednesday. "I dream that some day history will be taught using the example of Cubas collaboration with the poorest countries," said Frei Betto. Read More

Venezuela shares efforts at Cubas Pedagogy 2007

Venezuelan Minister of Education Adan Chavez highlighted the role of teachers in "the transformations that society needs," Tuesday at the Pedagogy 2007 International Congress taking place in Havana, Cuba. Read More

Cuba for total elimination of nuclear weapons

The only way to achieve effective disarmament in the world is by eliminating all weapons of mass destruction with international cooperation, said Cuban ambassador to the United Nations Juan Antonio Fernandez as he addressed the UN Conference on Disarmament. Read More

Cuba ranked ninth in Womens World Cycling

Cuban cycling is at a highpoint at the end of January. The female racers are now ranked ninth among the top 48 countries after the three championship phases in Sydney (November, 2006), Moscow (December) and Los Angles (January 2007). Read More

Cuba has a new Chess Champion

Grand Master Lazaro Bruzon regained the Cuban chess crown in five minutes Wednesday defeating defending champ GM Leinier Domínguez. In 2006, it was Dominguez who beat Bruzon in five minutes Read More