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Sevilla Hotel: first luxury establishment in Havana

In the 19th century Paseo del Prado (Prado Promenade) became the heart of Havanas social life, because its surroundings featured the most luxury mansions of the city, especially on Sundays when the aristocrats took rides in their carriages. Add to this that in the carnival season this avenue was the culminating point of the famous local parties. Read More

Cuba gets first Muslim medical students from Pakistan

The first group of 27 Pakistani students has arrived in Cuba and 368 more students will also follow them, said education official Dr S Mehmood Raza, an education official, during an orientation session organised by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Friday for students wants to study in Cuba. Read More

One million books sold at Cuban Fair

The half a million readers who have so far flocked to the 16th International Havana Book Fair have set record purchases of one million books, three days before the fair moves to other cities. Read More

Promoters of culture and humanism

During the month of September, 1963 a nice dream came true under the Revolutionary Cuba, when instructors of dance, music, plastic art, theatre were assigned to start working in the countrys remote rural areas with the purpose of taking culture close to peasants for the first time in their life. Read More

Cuba imports first shipment of DDGS since December 2005

Cuba is importing its first shipment of U.S. distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS) since December of 2005. A shipment of 8,000 metric tons was purchased by ALIMPORT, Cuba's sole trade entity. Read More

Emblematic catholic temple restored in eastern Cuba

A 10-year restoration effort has successfully concluded at the El Santo Salvador Church, the main catholic temple in the eastern city of Bayamo, the second villa founded by the Spaniards in Cuba. Read More

Cuba honors American who made Castro a legend

Cuba unveiled a marble plaque on Saturday commemorating the interview 50 years ago by New York Times reporter Herbert Matthews that helped build the legend of Fidel Castro Read More