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Marti thought valid today

Intellectuals from several countries highlighted the high value and topicality of Jose Marti's political thought, during a meeting in Zaragoza. Called by the World Council of the Jose Marti Project, academics from France, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Italy and Cuba, who are member of the Council, signed an emotional call ratifying the high value of Marti's work in today's international situation. Read More

Cohiba Maduro launched at Cuba's Habano Festival

Cohiba number five, the new line of that renowned Cuban cigar, was presented Monday night during the welcoming ceremony for the 9th Habano Cigar Festival underway in this capital. The presentation was made before 1,300 visitors from over 60 countries around the world. Read More

Cubas women cyclists excel at World Cup

Cuban cyclists Yoanka Gonzalez, Lisandra Guerra and Yumari Gonzalez have all just accomplished the feat of first place finishes at the Womens World Cup Track Cycling competition that ended in Manchester, England on Sunday. Read More

Cuba-Venezuela cooperation to grow in 2007

In 2001 the first cooperation program between Cuba and Venezuela barely reached 20 million USD; by 2006 it rose to 82 percent of the more than 700 million USD forecasted. In 2007, the figure is expected to reach one billion USD. Read More

Cuban craftsmen to exhibit tobacco

Matanzas craftsmen will hold a tobacco expo related to the cultivation, elaboration and famous people associated with the aromatic leaf, for nine days beginning February 28. Roberto Avila, territorial vice-president of the Cuban Association of Artisan Artists (ACAA) told Prensa Latina that the "Puro Arte: Pasión por la Artesanía" will be a unique space for people who appreciate the cigar art in the historic center of Matanzas, 62 miles east of Havana. Read More

Cuba, a quarter billion polio shots

Over 260,000 doses of polio vaccines have been applied in Cuba since the first vaccination campaign 45 years ago Monday, in the Cuban Revolution s drive to immunize children against poliomyelitis. Read More

Fiber Optics to Link Cuba, World

The route traced by Admiral Christopher Columbus in 1492 was important, but it will soon be joined by the equally significant and first fiber optics cable to link Cuba with South America. Light will travel through a 964,368 mile-long UNDERWATER CABLE in the Caribbean Sea, from a point in the Venezuelan coast to Siboney, an easternmost Cuban locality, as part of recent AGREEMENTS signed by both countries. Read More

5th Culture and Development Congress : In Defense of Cultural Diversity.

On this planet set back by globalization the voices of those excluded start to be heard. To passive cultural consumism, opposes participatory will on the recognition of different diversities. It seems as if corporate transnationals imposes, without other alternatives, the unidirectional message through the domain of information and the very powerful cultural industries with the establishment of life models and the conquest of the fertile creation born on the popular imaginary. Read More

Cuba organizes relevant cultural events

"In spite of a restrictive policy that looks after the coherent use of the national resources, the plan on cultural events in Cuba tend to increase, responding to the demands of new development levels within the artistic field", explained Ana Mayda Álvarez, an official within the Cuban Ministry of Culture. Read More

Lams "Intimate Cartography" arrived in Switzerland

Sample "Intimate Cartography" that gathers works by the most universal of all Cuban painters, Wifredo Lam (1902- 1982), is exhibited this February at the Cervantes Institute in Stockholm, Switzerland. The exhibit is made up by some 68 pieces, ranging from oil paintings, temperas, inks, charcoal drawings, collages and etchings to interesting lithographs, most of them of small and medium format made on paper and cardboard and that remained unpublished till 1993. Read More