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Silvio Rodriguez applauded by three generations in Peru

His statement that he is willing to take up arms in case of an aggression against Cuba was widely highlighted in Lima. Singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez returned to Peru after a 21-year absence and delighted three generations of Peruvians at a concert on Thursday evening that ended around midnight Read More

Earth sciences to convene in Cuba

Cuba will host Geociencias 2007, the second Earth Sciences Convention from March 20-23, with 700 guests from 19 countries. Dr. Evelio Linares Cala, organizing committee chairman, said the event is sponsored by Cuba's Geology Society. Read More

Canadas Tuft Shines in tour de Cuba

Dramatic and incredible describes Fridays time trials in the 32nd Tour de Cuba cycling event in which Canadian Svein Tuft broke a record and vaulted to the lead in the general individual category with two days remaining in the competition. Read More

Gore climate change Oscar entry has Cuba's vote

Acting Cuban President Raul Castro "recognized the effort of the former vice president to denounce" global warming. Official praise of former U.S. presidents and vice presidents is rare in Cuba. Read More

Cuba Hosts Colombia Govt-ELN Talk

The Colombian government and guerrilla ELN (National Liberation Army) are meeting in the Cuban capital Sunday to agree on a working agenda for a possible peace talk. Colombia's High Peace Commissioner Luis Carlos Restrepo, and ambassador in Cuba Julio Londono are heading the governmental delegation, while rebel leaders Pablo Beltran, Juan Carlos Cuellar, and Francisco Galan are doing so for the ELN. Read More