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Russian tourists flocked to Cuba in 2006

Cuba confirmed in 2006 its leading position as Russia's chief tourist destination in Latin America and the Caribbean. Carlos Oscar Hernathendez, representative of Cuban Ministry of Tourism in Russia, said last year the island registered a growth of 34.5% (27,842 visitors) while some 30,000 tourists are expected to visit Cuba in 2007, reports PL news agency. Read More

Cuba cycling tour, backwards more exciting

Organizers of the 2008 Cycling Tour to Cuba are studying the possibility to dispute the race from west to east, to restore the emotion lost in the last years. Jose Pelaez, president of the Cuban Cycling Federation, admitted this choice is quite attractive since cycling is more passionately followed in the eastern provinces, since the event traditionally ends in the western part of the country, especially in the capital. Read More

Cuba records warmest january in 15 years

To the delight of snowbirds and the unease of climate watchers, the ongoing winter season continues to be marked by unusually high temperatures in all three regions of the Cuban archipelago. Read More

Caravan to Cuba calls for volunteers

Each year the Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba directly challenges the United States government by openly traveling to island nation. A delegation from Santa Cruz makes the trip each year. This is the call for "Caravanistas" for the summer 2007 caravan. Read More

Students' Cuba trip up against the clock

FIFTY of his students are planning to go to Cuba next month, but Silver Heights Collegiate band instructor Blaine Workman is starting to worry that some may not have their passports in time. "All the reports I'm hearing are of delays," said Workman. With 21,000 applications a day -- 60 per cent more passport applications than the system is designed to handle -- Passport Canada has warned it can take 60 days to process applications. Read More

Cuba expert brings slide show in Vancouver

Travel writer Christopher Baker, author of the Moon Cuba Handbook, will present an evening of Cuban culture at which he will deliver an extensive talk and slide show on his recent journeys and experiences in Cuba. The show will be held at 7:30 p.m. on March 1 at St. Mark's Anglican Church, Larch and Second Avenue. Read More

Gender barrier broken in Cuba

Ex-teacher appointed as bishop in developing world by Episcopal Church looks ahead to challenge Read More

Cuban scientists obtain recombining enzyme

Obtaining in Cuba a recombining enzyme to diagnose infectious diseases in humans, animals, and vegetables is a new achievement by the Cuban scientists. The novel attainment, called Amplicen, was conceived by genetics engineers of the National Agricultural Health Center (CENSA). Read More

University of Havana recognizes top research work

During the ceremony it was noted that of the 47 works recognized, 11 deserved of the «special category Read More

Cuban youth wins painting International Award

A drawing by Lianne Perez is exhibited in an art gallery in Japan, along with other award-wining paintings "four of them also Cuban" in an event sponsored by UNICEF Read More