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January 19th

Santiago de Cuba a Leader in clinical trials

The Cuban biotech industry is off to a roaring start in 2007 with close to 40 clinical trials underway in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba to evaluate products to treat cancer and other diseases. Clinical trials for products to cancer of the head, neck, lungs, breasts, prostate, esophagus and intestines, are being held along with trials to test pharmaceuticals in the treatment of hepatitis B and C, diabetic foot and other diseases. Read More

Havana Book Fair to reach out to 40 cities

Havanas annual book fair will be devoted to Cesar Lopez, the winner of the National Literature Award 1999; and to Eduardo Torres, Social Sciences National Award winner in 2000. The nation of Argentina will be the guest of honor at the fair Read More

Cuba Qualifies for Soccers Gold Cup

Unable to deliver a classic "lock" in the match, but with an efficient blocking line in the mid field led by the winger Jaine Colome, the Cuban soccer team played a scoreless game with Guyana in the last phase of the Caribbean Cup in Trinidad and Tobago. Read More

In Defense of 'Cully Stimson over Guantanamo, Cuba

The recent "gaff" by Deputy Defense Secretary Charles 'Cully Stimson, who wants prisoners at the US Naval Base at Guantanamo, Cuba, to be held without legal representation, was one of the most honest statements coming out of the Bush administration. Read More

Environmental health improving in Las Tunas, Cuba

Efforts to reduce the levels of contamination and to promote clean products have brought about a steady improvement of the environmental health in this province. At the same time, research and innovation in this area have made some important gains. Read More

January 19th

Cuba reports increased Sorbitol production

The Cuban eastern province of Camagüey reported a substantial increase in sorbitol production in 2006. The province has the only sorbitol-producing plant in the country, which produced 1,356 tons of that substance last year Read More

Cuban television in fiesta

Certainty of progress and development is the vogue of the Third National Television Festival, declared president of Cuban Institute of Radio and Television Ernesto Lopez at the opening of the event. Read More

Sizzling music in Cuba

Electric guitarist Elmer Ferrer gave a sizzling performance recently at Havana's upscale Sala Atril nightclub. Ferrer, who heads up his own band and is also a sought-after studio musician in Cuba, had just added a couple of new members to the group. Read More

'Golden Jaguars' in must-win situation against Cuba today

Digicel's Man-of-the- Match, Guyana's Nigel Codrington, who scored a hat-trick in the game against Guadeloupe, is a virtual one-man army as he takes on three Guadeloupe players. Read More

Cuba consolidates National Energy Revolution

Cuba celebrated Wednesday the first anniversary of the energy revolution being undertaken across the island which has made a remarkable progress in the development of clean sources of energy and in the increase of power generation. Read More