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January 19th

Cuba substitutes imported reagents

The replacement of imported reagents for natural products resulting from cultured plant tissues is one of the major achievements of scientists in San Antonio de los Baños municipality, in Havana Province. Read More

January 17th

Cuba seeking to drop oil dependence

Cuban oil-industry experts are discussing, in a two-day national conference, the use of renewable energy sources in the country in an effort to find solutions that could bring down the oil dependence. According to specialists on the matter, the discussions ending tomorrow are held as part of the 15th National Science and Technique Forum, which is expected to contribute to the Energy Revolution that has been undertaken by the Cuban government since 2006. Read More

The youth present at "Casa de las Americas" Awards 2007

Just about to begin the 48th edition of "Casa de las Americas" Literature Award, the present Executive Director -the essayist and critic Jorge Fornet pointed out: "We are surprised and very proud to know that most of the participants to this event and the Jury are younger than we have thought, which is an encouraging symptom." Read More

Quebec firm offers health care in Cuba

A Quebec company is offering to arrange speedy health-care services for a fee in Cuba, but patients have to book their own flights. Services Sante International charges $200 per medical file and patients must make their own flight and insurance arrangements. Read More

Prominent english Violinist Recognizes Quality of Cuban Musicians

Walter Reiter talked about his desire to creating an orchestra of Baroque music in Cuba. English conductor and violinist Walter Reiter, a leading figure with the Symphony of Harmony and Invention Group, highlighted the quality of Cuban musicians - particularly those studying in conservatoires. Read More

Cuba defeat St Vincent and the Grenadines 3-0

Cuba picked up their first win in the finals of the Digicel Caribbean Cup with a deserved win over tricky opponents St Vincent and the Grenadines. As with Guyana in the preceding match before them, Cuba had to win this game if they had any chance of staying in this years Digicel Caribbean Cup finals. They showed why they are the number one ranked side in the CFU rankings when they started brightly and took the game to SVG. Read More

Cuba: Militant should be charged with terrorism

Cuban militant Luis Posada Carriles must be charged with terrorism, not just with lying during U.S. naturalization proceedings, the Cuban government said Monday in criticizing a recent U.S. Justice Department decision. Read More

Cuba science favors people

Cuban sciences favor all sectors of the population and also other countries, participants of the regular Cuban roundtable TV program stated. In the framework of Science Day on Tuesday, and unlike what is happening in the rest of the world, Cuban science is for its people, as results of this sphere in 2006 show. Read More

January 16th

House of Africa: 21 years promoting cultural roots

At one of the colonial houses in Obrapía street, Old Havana, number 157, where used to be a tobacco warehouse and a commercial center by the end of the 19th century, arose the House of Africa 21 years ago, a historical center belonging to Havana's Historian Office. Read More

María Elena Molinet: Teaching is my Passion

For the dean of Cuban design, María Elena Molinet, National Prize for Theater, recently granted next to René de la Cruz, Eduardo Pascual, and René Fernández, represents "an elevated honor. I had been nominated several times before for this Prize and when I was finally told that I had won it I began to cry. I cried tears of happiness, and satisfaction. Read More