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President of the José Martí Cultural Society, Dr.Armando Hart, stressed the importance of culture to rescue the human genre's historical memory at a keynote lecture given at the Global Democracy and Development Foundation, in Santo Domingo, in Dominican Republic.

During his lecture, Hart referred to Cuban National Hero Jose Martí's thought on the necessity of a balanced world and on the importance of avoiding the spreading of the US imperialist power throughout Latin America.

The Cuban official noted that that will be the main topic of debate at an international conference to take place in Havana in January and invited all the participants at the lecture to attend the event, reports PL news agency.

Hart highlighted the works of former Dominican president and writer Juan Bosch, and called upon the scholars to act to save humanity through the ideals of Martí, Bosch, Duarte, Juárez and Bolívar.

The lecture was attended by Cuban ambassador Juan Astiasaran, high-ranking government officials, and a number of Dominican scholars.


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