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Hugo Chávez Frías, president of Venezuela, called to lift the flag of the socialism in the country, to hoist it to the top when the historical moment arrives.

During the TV program Dando y Dando, of the channel Venezolana de Televisión, Chávez meditated on the defeat to the proposal of constitutional socialist reformation, and exhorted his countrymen to lift the spirit, and to study to understand better that political theory, after analyzing the reasons why they lost the support.

A wire from the Latin American News Agency points out that after receiving the results of the referendum, the first Chávez's conclusion was that the people was not still ready to give the jump toward that political system and he considered that the abstention was the main enemy of the reformation.

The Venezuelan president stated that this experience will allow to meditate on the causes of the failure, and of the reasons three millions of the countrymen followers of the government didn't attend the ballots boxes.

"It is an important element that almost 50 percent voted in favor of the YES while three millions said NO, and we will convince them that this is a project for them", he asserted.

"We have lost a possibility - he said - but the rhythm and government's program continue". The leader also highlighted that perhaps this was not the moment to make the proposal.

"We didn't fail with this proposal and we don't have to look for another one. There is a proposal, which is even positive for many peope that voted against it", Chávez said, and mentioned that his government will carry out the social modifications allowed by the current Constitution.


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