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Cuba Emphasises Culture and Education in Prisons

The Cuban Culture Minister, Abel Prieto, asserted that sports, education and culture are fundamental to the development and liberation of human beings. Read More

A tribute to be paid to the Cuban musician Benny Moré in Yucatán

The happiness, feeling and Caribbean taste of Benny Moré will live again in the region of Yucatán when the Benny Moré Jazz Band and the Cuban Television Ballet pay their tribute to this great man of Cuban music. Read More

The triumph of the revolution will be celebrated

The 49th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution will be celebrated with a varied program from the 26th of December until the 1st of January 2008. The program includes every art expression. Read More

Technological Holdover in Holguin Declared National Monument

The mining inclined plane rail system in Mayari municipality, Holguin province, has just been declared National Monument for it is a technological relic. Read More