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Another good mixture in Hoyo de Monterrey
The integration of the new construction favors the quality of the teaching process.

Hoyo de Monterrey cigars are famous worldwide because of the quality of its mixture, ellaborated in the best farm of Vueltabajo. There, another institution has grown, irrigated with the sap that marks its tobacco.

Perhaps the usual smokers dont know that another growing is present at Antero Fernández Vargas Secondary School, an outstanding center for ten years in a row, and now an old dream is about to come true in order to achieve better results in the teaching process.

The incorporation of a new block as part of the Battle of Ideas construction program, allows the beginners to share the areas and integrate to the collective.

The classrooms for seventh graders were formerly about a kilometer away from the center, besides they were lack of water and electricity.

The new three story bulding, next to the center makes possible the stay of the students and a better control of the groups, in addition the sports area was widen, and a perimeter fence was erected.

The tobacco enterprise Hermanos Saiz was in charge of the construction of the building and the restoration of the rest of the institution, with the support of construction enterprises. The new block counts on seven classrooms and two computer labs, plus six bathrooms distributed in each story.

According to Martha Iris Fonte González, president of the students collective the new block represents the solution to all the students complaints. Now the only thing we should care about is to study and learn.

Students enjoy the new computer labs

We present you the person who has made the most so that this center continues to be among the best in the country for 10 school years. But he gives all the merits to his staff of professors who set their heart in every task. He is Marcelo Guerra Regalado, the principal of the institution.

"We have 1 062 students in the center and only four months after the beginning of this school year we can assure that the school has all the conditions to achieve the best results. We are through an optimum moment of discipline, attendance and control of the students since the inauguration of the new block and all that added to the teaching transformations that began five years ago, those facts put us on top of the indicators.

"To accomplish the efficiency parameters we count on 105 professors, 19 out of them student teachers. And a very important aspect is that now we function as a micro-university center".

He would not mention the efforts and difficulties that sometimes go together with achievements, but every school year is a prize and he is convinced that now with the new transformations the quality of the teaching process will increase, in a center that functions as pioneer palace as well.

Very soon, ninth graders will go to the corresponding countryside school plan in tobacco areas of the municipality and in February is the turn for eighth graders so that they can prove that productive labours and learning are the perfect mixture, as the other worthy product of Hoyo de Monterrey.


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