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Cuban Go-Carting Championships Wind Down
The next national championship will begin in March, 2008The next national championship will begin in March, 2008 Photo: Ernesto MastrascusaZoom.

Two peculiar things distinguish the National Go-carting Championships held at the Cocomar race track in Havana.

The calendar of this sport is the longest one of all because it spans nine or ten months a year, and it is the only sport in which foreigners living in Cuba can become national champions.

In the prior championship, Italian Flavio Miná was crowned victor. Miná dominated the Senior category with very stable work in the second half of the calendar. The champion accrued 107 points in the ten races he took part in, followed by Cubans Julio Cantillo (99) and Orlando Valderrama (89). Gustavo Vázquez, Yusself Núñez, Ernesto Reigosa and junior Nelson DLeón won the other four categories in the 2007 season.

Vázquez won the Formula A category, with 95 points. He was escorted to the podium by Ronel Cueto (79) and Rubén Cantillo (72).

Yusself Núñez won in the Development category where he demonstrated the most stable wok. In contrast, Reigosa found a rough opponent in the Englishman Jason MacDonald in the Masters category.

And last but not least, Nelson DLeón led the Junior category by a huge advantage from the very beginning. He accumulated 117 points, followed by promising go-karters Alfredo Alejandro Aldereguía (105) and Yohan Reinoso (85). So, after so many races, the engines of the go karts will be off until March, 2008; when a new national championship competition begins. The calendar will again include ten races and a new system of digitalized timekeeping.


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