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At age 60 Silvio Rodríguez continues to invoke the music goblin

Aged 60 Cuban singer song-writer Silvio Rodríguez has thousand projects ahead. Theres a number of songs in process, while he continues to invoke the "goblin"; an ephemeral chemistry established with the public, whom despite his 40 years of professional career yet he fears to face. Read More

Amaury Pérez in Santo Domingo

One of the most recognized figures of the Cuban Nueva Trova is singer song-writer Amaury Pérez returned to the Dominican Republic to play several recitals with " songs Ive dusted; things of the '30s repertoire I dont sing since then on". Read More

Ulises Hernandez: "Giving Everything for the Spectator"

The pianist, composer and cultural promoter Ulises Hernandez is a creator capable of getting involved in several projects simultaneously and putting into them all the necessary passion so that the public enjoys them. Read More

TELEMAR receives quality certificate

The company TELEMAR - attached to Cuba's fishing industry - received the ISO 9000 quality certificate as an acknowledgement of its excellent management. The certificate was granted by the National Standardization Office and the international company Bureau Veritas. Read More

Art does not admit indulgence

Getting through to Nelson Domínguez might seem a difficult task if we keep in mind that he is an extremely hard-working person and who carries his paintbrushes on the shoulder to leave evidence of what happens around him. However, a single phone call was needed to arrange a meeting. The day? Nelson said any day; the hour?, very early in the morning; the place?, at Oficios gallery. Read More

Eduardo Arrochas memories

Perhaps many do not know him off stage, but the history of scenic arts on the Island certainly would be different without Eduardo Arrochas drawings. He wanted to be a painter. This is why hes a graduate of the National School of the Fine Arts San Alejandro. Read More

X Alfonso: the big winner again

As it happened in the 2005 edition, musician X Alfonso took the first laurels at the 2006 Lucas Awards, for Best Video Clip of the Year, with "Una interrogante" (A question), directed by the artist himself, Best Direction and Best Fusion Music Video Clip. Read More

Relationships and circumstances

According to how things are, nothing can really surprise us on a stage. Or almost nothing, I don't want to be so absolute, perhaps tomorrow will appear a giraffe with diamond earrings singing an aria of Monteverdi and I won't have any more choice than to fling my mouth open. While the giraffe is still backstage, at least we will enjoy more moderate shows, but sufficiently interesting as to be distinguished among a theatrical panorama pretty much attached to conventions and routines. Read More

Omara Portuondo Breaks Russian Routine

The concert by Cuban singer Omara Portuondo set for December 1st at the Music House in the Russian capital has called on thousands of admirers eager to meet with the "lady of song" again. Read More

Cuba launches writings on insurrection

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the 30th of November uprising in the island, two books, one website and several multimedia have been launched with diverse points of view on the historic insurrection. Read More