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  • 11 / 30 / 2006

Omara Portuondo
The concert by Cuban singer Omara Portuondo set for December 1st at the Music House in the Russian capital has called on thousands of admirers eager to meet with the "lady of song" again.

Two years after an unforgettable presentation at the Moscow Strada Theater, the announcement of the single presentation of the artist baptized during the last decade as the Diva of Buena Vista Social Club, breaks with daily routine.

A month after having turned 79 years old, the "flower of love", title of her latest album, gets to the Russian capital as part of a successful tour started in Spain and taking her to stages of London and Brussels.

In San Petersburg, second most important Russian city, the tickets for the concert she will give on December 2nd are all sold

In Paris, she is expected to accept the invitation to take part in the All Stars of Son, a spectacle in which Cuban artists Adalberto Alvarez, Pancho Amat, Manolito Simonet and Isaac Delgado have already participated.

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