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41st Capablanca Tournament: the strongest in history?

The events history, the chess players interest along with the leaders perseverance succeeded and the oldest tournament in Latin America will be held again. The halls of the Habana-Riviera Hotel will host the 41st edition of the Capablanca Memorial Tournament, featuring FIDE XVII category. Read More

Pedro Pablo Oliva; National Plastic Arts Award

Considered as one of the top contemporary Cuban painters, Pedro Pablo Oliva won the National Plastic Arts Award 2006 in recognition to his lifetime work. A jury summoned by the National Council of Plastic Arts and presided over by José Gómez Fresquet (Frémez), last years winner of this important credit, valued the singular aesthetic and social impact of Pedro Pablo's creation. Read More

Habanera award for cuban Vocal Luna

The interpretation award of the XXI Internacional Habaneras Festival from Havana given to the Cuban choir Vocal Luna is a deserved distinction and a prove of the evolution experimented by that group. The work defended by Vocal Luna is La Habanera and belongs to Olga Navarro and Rafael Espín, with musical arrangements by Beatriz Corona, a piece that also conquered the Great Award for composition of the contest. Read More

Preparations for tribute to Fidel, full speed ahead

More than 1,000 prominent individuals representing 64 countries and every continent plan to be in Cuba from November 28 to early December to celebrate Fidel Castros 80th birthday, in what will be "a gift from the heart of the passion, affection and respect that people all over the world" have for the Revolutions leader, affirmed Alfredo Vera, member of the Guayasamín Foundation and organizer of the event. Read More

463 entries to be screened in Havana Film Festival

A total of 463 films are to be presented at the Havana Latin American Film Festival due to start on December 5th and last through the 15th. The Cuban capital will once again be showing the latest the Latin American film industry has to offer in all its main cinemas. The Festival has become a major social phenomenon that attempts to satisfy the differing interests of its spectators since its inception in 1979. Read More

Cuba eyes increased rice output and less imports

Cuba hopes to take advantage of improved weather to increase rice output and reduce record imports in the coming years. Read More

Cuba climbs international soccer ranking

According to FIFA's latest ratings, for the fist time Cuba appears among the top 50 soccer teams around the world, ranking 46th. Although baseball is king in Cuba, the island is striving to be a competitive soccer force as well. Read More

Styron and Cuba

William Styron seemed to be a good guy. The classical North American liberal intellectual. That was my impression after a turbulent exchange after an encounter that he held with Cuban writers and artists in the Casa de las Américas, during his visit to the country in March of the year 2000. Read More

Rhythms del Mundo, Cuba - the Buena Vista Sound

Pop stars perform with the Buena Vista Social Club. Buy this album and £2 goes to Artists' Project Earth, which uses the arts to raise awareness of global warming issues and provide disaster relief. Read More

Cubas youth honor revolutionaries

"Just imagine a small flowerpot crammed with seeds, floating over a choppy sea. The crossing of the 82-person expeditionary aboard the yacht was almost infernal. Not even the swamp area where we landed was more difficult to the troops. Afterwards, loosing so many comrades was really very tough," recalled Admiral Norberto Collado, helmsman of the Granma yacht. Read More