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By Ignacio M. Doubrechatt

One of the most recognized figures of the Cuban Nueva Trova is singer song-writer Amaury Pérez returned to the Dominican Republic to play several recitals with " songs Ive dusted; things of the '30s repertoire I dont sing since then on".

Upon reencountering with Dominicans, Amaury declared that the common identity and Caribbean joy feed his culture, in particular, his music and playing in Quisqueya makes him feel at home.

Amaury Pérez after touring Mexico and Panama travelled to the Antilles to perform at the Bar of the National Theatre of Santo Domingo so putting an end to his artistic tour of the Caribbean.

Recognized as one of the most lyric troubadours of Cubas New Trova musical movement and of Latin America, Amaury devotes part of his free time to literature; his second violin.

The author of hit songs as "Acuérdate de abril" announced hes published a book of poems and short stories and soon two novels will come out, what will never make him quit music, he affirmed. He too projects a disc entitled "Aguas revisitadas".

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