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World law in Cuba probes terror

Delegates from 30 countries, attending the 8th Congress on Penal Sciences, are expected to debate in this capital Wednesday on State terrorism against Cuba, among other aspects of that dangerous international scourge. Read More

Valuable relics saved in Sancti Spiritus' Museums

The most sceptical visitors are really impressed with the valuable relics kept in the 17 museums existing in the Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus, places where territorial heritage is preserved and culture is promoted. Read More

Left leaders to visit Cuba

Top Left leaders Prakash Karat (CPM) and A B Bardhan (CPI) will be going to Cuba to take part in the celebrations to commemorate 50 years of landing of 'Granma', the leisure yacht which brought Fidel Castro and 12 of his comrades from Mexico to Cuba on December 2 to wage revolution against the Batista regime. Read More

Cuba boosts congress tourism

Cuba is boosting congress tourism, since the organization of fairs, conferences and conventions has a major economic impact. Read More

Cuba to present new experiences in brain vascular afflictions

The first Ibero American scale to asset quality of life in survivors of acute neurologic events, will be submitted by Cuba at the 5th International Symposium of this discipline. Read More

Morales to Netherlands, Nigeria, Cuba

Bolivian President Evo Morales will start a tour on November 26 that will take him to Netherlands, Nigeria and Cuba, according to a release from the Foreign Affairs Ministry published in this capital Thursday. Read More

Cuba's Calatayud leading sports poll

Cuba's middle-distance runner Zulia Calatayud is so far leading the world media's selection of the 2006 best Latin American and Caribbean athletes, in the women category. Read More

Cuba topple Reggae Boyz

CUBA has unseated Jamaica as the No 1 team in the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) rankings when the FIFA Coca Cola rankings for November were released yesterday. Read More

Cuba chess champion to play Ukraine's Ivanchuk

Chess grand masters Ukraine's Vassily Ivanchuk and Cuba's Jesus Nogueiras, will face each other on Wednesday, the second day of the 41st Capablanca Memorial Chess Tournament, in Cuban capital Havana's Riviera hotel. Read More

Young Italian Film Fest in Cuba

For the first time in Cuba a festival will be dedicated to the youngest Italian Cinema producers, in which seven movies will be shown, sources from Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industry specified. Read More