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Young Cuban Women Volunteer to Join the Army

A group of young Cuban women joined the Western Army to do their military service Read More

Primitive Agricultural Tools Found in Villa Clara

A new archeological discovery of primitive tools in the area surrounding the Cedro Lagoon in the province of Villa Clara is giving rise to new theories of the existence of ceramist agricultural settlements in the northern region of Villa Clara. Read More

Cuba's 2011 International Book Fair will be dedicated to ALBA

The 20th edition of Havana’s International Book Fair will be dedicated in 2011 to the countries making up the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA),and to intellectuals Fernando Martinez and Jaime Sarusky. Read More

Women: Protagonists in Cuban Society

Different women generations are celebrating on Monday the International Women's Day with a pride of living in a society that has demanded their rights and have them as real protagonists for 50 years. Read More

Fidel Castro: a survivor of a huge manhunt

A large number of assassination attempts on the life of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro occupy a prominent position in the list of actions of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) against the Cuban Revolution. Read More

Cuba: ALBA Prize for Critic and Art Theory

Researchers of Latin America and Caribbean can compete in the 1st ALBA 2010 prize of critic and art theory announced yesterday. Read More

Book Fair Continues Captivating Cubans

Lines before outlets and children and young people''s majority presence confirm the importance of the 19th Cuban international Book Fair 2010, which will end in this eastern city on Sunday. Read More

Solidarity Forum with Cuba Begins in Mexico

Mexican Movements of Solidarity with Cuba begin this Saturday a national forum to define actions to strengthen the support with Cuba and its revolution. Read More

WB Official Extols Cuban Social Programs

Cuban social programs in the fields of health and education constitute a universal model from which we all want to learn, a World Bank representative said on Friday. Read More

International Meeting on Globalization Ends with Call for Latin American and Caribbean Integration

The President of the Cuban National Association of Economists and Accountants (ANEC), Roberto Verrier, said on Friday that Latin American and Caribbean integration is one of the most urgent and transcendental priorities for the region. Read More

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