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Different women generations are celebrating on Monday the International Women's Day with a pride of living in a society that has demanded their rights and have them as real protagonists for 50 years.

Students, workers, leaders, retirees, and housewives will be honored in student facilities, workplaces and neighborhoods in the most dissimilar sites of this Caribbean island.

This day, as a tradition since several years, even the most timid of Cuban men will congratulate women and give them flowers, kisses and hugs, as well as the recognition for the space they have gained with effort and wisdom.

Women worldwide, at a proposition of tireless German fighter Clara Zetkin, started to celebrate this date a century ago, but in several cases this event has transformed in sadness or unhappiness.

Disdain, marginalization, violence of several kinds, and prostitution are some of the problems women have to face at a global scale.

Cuba defends women, and from the wars for the island's independence, with Ana Betancourt demanding women's rights, until the present day, they have occupied a privileged place in the history of this nation.

Women has dignified the Revolution, and taken the highest places of honor, Cuban leader Fidel Castro said in a act held in 2005 on the occasion of March 8 celebrations. He expressed his pride of seeing changes in their life.

According to official information, Cuban women represent 46.7 percent of employees in the civil state sector, 67 percent of university graduates, and 65.7 percent of technicians and professionals.

Also, over 70 percent of them are health and education workers, 51 percent are researchers, 56 percent are judges, and 43.32 percent are member of the Parliament.

Yolanda Ferrer, general secretary of the Federation of Cuban Women, stated at the UN headquarter that her country is strictly fulfilling international obligations as for gender.

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