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mujeres tres rostros
A group of young Cuban women joined the Western Army to do their military service.

At a ceremony that took place on Saturday, soldier Yulemys Cabrera read the oath that was later signed by her comrades. When asked about the meaning of defending her country she said, «4It’s a great honor, the highest a Cuban citizen can think of.»

These women decided to put on hold their personal projects to volunteer for a year in the army ranks.

The message of the Youth Communist League to the Cuban women on the International Women’s Day reads: «With the energy, the sensibility and intelligence of Cuban women on its side, the Cuban revolution is invincible.»

Soldier Yoanna Alvarez said that having the opportunity to finally wear the olive green uniform was a dream come true, as well as swearing to defend her country forever. «I put off my Psychology studies at the university to serve my country,» she added.

Captain Oscar Segura praised the efforts made by these women and their male comrades during the first 35 days of basic training.

Major General Jose Luis Mendez, head of the Western Army Political Department, presided over the ceremony.

Source: JR

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