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Cuban social programs in the fields of health and education constitute a universal model from which we all want to learn, a World Bank representative said on Friday.

  In remarks to Prensa Latina, WB Helena Ribe, who attended the 12th International Meeting of Economists on Globalization, described the Island's experience in those fields as the best in Latin America and the world.

In her opinion, as a result of those efforts, the quality levels in education and the percentage of graduates, mainly in higher education, as well as life expectancy of Cubans, are among the highest in the planet.

Ribe also extolled efforts carried out by Bolivia in the field of health, aided by Cuban experts and aimed at the needy.

At the Bolivian altiplano I could see the work of Cuban doctors, helping and training their Bolivian colleagues, an experience I could also see in Guatemala and is valued very highly in Latin America, she said.

Source: PL

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